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Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle

is an independent community group in inner west Sydney, promoting local and national action to reduce fossil fuel use, increase the adoption of renewable energy, and head off catastrophic global warming

Below is a summary of Climate news we have found interesting over the last few months

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State of the World

Top stories, Mar 22 to Feb 23


Mar 2023
7kW rooftop solar payback time down to 3.4 years again – Clean Energy Regulator
New England solar farm aims for 720MW + 30min battery
Platform links homeowners to battery/solar package deals, financing
State leads on renewables installations – Kean
Labor moots buying Eraring coal plant to extend its life
as government seeks 380MWx2h battery instead
MG 4 expected to launch at around $40,000
Origin offers cheap/free EV charging through contracts with employers
CEFC backs mortgage discount on new green homes and retrofits
Sixteen gov’t offices to act as solar+battery Virtual Power Plant
Gov’t finds $64m towards new green hydrogen electrolysers

Feb 2023
Another 1.7GW of floating offshore wind proposed off Hunter coast
EV and Home Energy show, Fully Charged, coming to Sydney in March
Illawarra declared state’s fifth Renewable Energy Zone
Port Kembla looks to future as base for offshore wind industry
Essential, Ausgrid, Endeavour announce their 2024 solar export fee proposals
How one home went fully electric
Newcastle’s 850MWx2h Waratah battery to be Aus’ largest – briefly
Power shortages around 2030 if renewables pipeline stalls – AEMO
Sydney City plan to push EVs, public transport, walking, cycling
Libs to add $300m to Superpower fund, $23m for rooftop solar, community batteries …
Labor counters with a $1bn state body like CEFC
$8m pilot to wean three communities off gas
More EVs under $50,000 coming in 2023
Non-EVs in EV parking bays (“ICEing”) to be fined up to $2,200
2000t Snowy 2.0 borer stuck under sinkhole after only 200m
Coalition promises 30,000 new public chargers by 2026 (1,000 in NSW now)
Where powering your home from your EV is up to
Snowy 2.0 and Kurri Kurri gas delayed another year, now end 2027
Port Macquarie gets 2MWh grid battery to handle high rooftop PV uptake
10MWx2h Queanbeyan battery starts up
ACT to base rego on emissions, not weight
EV v. ICE (petrol/Diesel): A cost analysis

Jan 2023
Two NRMA cars to carry battery packs to slow-charge EVs
Tesla opens five out of the way Superchargers to non-Teslas, at 79c/kWh
BP to build 550MW solar farm with 260MWx2h battery in Upper Hunter
4.3GW of renewables and storage shortlisted in first of a dozen auctions
Coal dependence making Qld, NSW pay double for power
6MW wind turbine, reaching 200m, installed near Yass
First Aussie single-connection solar+battery approved for Central West
and Riverina solar farm to get 100MWx4h battery
EPA releases plan to cut NSW industry CO2 emissions by 70% by 2035
Kit shares rooftop power between up to 15 units in housing block
BYD EV coming to Aus starts at under $13,000 in China
Getting the most out of your rooftop solar
Two community solar farms to add batteries
Aging Breadalbane wind turbine ignites, harmlessly
Rooftop solar on Wyong shopping centre to gain battery
ACT scheme hits target of 5000 home batteries

Dec 2022
Despite high power prices, Vic cuts PV feed-in tariff as daytime demand falls
Smart inverters, flywheels or pumped hydro? Transgrid seeks grid security bids
Ausgrid plans 30,000 powerpole-mounted 1-2hr EV chargers
EV buyers’ guide from The Driven
Feds and State put up $7.8bn for grid upgrades aiding renewables
CEFC assists Albury solar farm project in face of rising costs
Snowy Hydro rated negative over 2.0 and Kurri Kurri gas plant cost blowouts
while 810MW pumped hydro at Burrendong gets $7m for feasibility
Tips on installing a home battery
UNSW solar EV does 1000km in 12 hrs on one charge
Trial of green H to displace Diesel at Myall Lakes microgrid
$80m funding round for bigger and faster EV charging stations
Gov’t plans around more rapid coal exit plus supply issues with renewables
Networks’ proposals for PV export taxes from 2024
Coming soon: 500km range EV around $60,000 before discounts
Kean’s Long Term Energy framework adopted nationally

Nov 2022
Glen Innes wind farm to integrate 30MWx1h battery under new rules
Cranes at Sydney Fish Market and Powerhouse Parramatta to use green Diesel
Peak Demand Reduction scheme goes live
More EV choice imminent, some under $50,000
BYD Dolphin may be under $40,000
2,200 schools to form solar+battery virtual power plant
Fossil fuel prices cut rooftop solar payback time to three years
Huge response to first tender for renewables+storage
Disused Yancoal mineshaft a test site for Green Gravity’s energy storage
InnerWest Council seeks comments on EV strategy
AGL building 50MWx1h battery at Broken Hill
RACV ranks cheapest EVs to buy and run
“Hydrogen ready” Kurri Kurri gas generator would need retrofit to get to 30%
Gov’t deal to open Tesla superchargers to non-Teslas
NSW seeks 600MW long storage, 380MW firming, as coal closes
Smart solar+battery system claimed to make home batteries economic
Tesla sales booming in Blacktown, Hills and Parramatta
Third Renewable Energy Zone runs from Hay to Buronga

Oct 2022
Tesla to build four 15-bay supercharging stations along NSW coast
ARENA puts $45m towards 200MWx8h compressed air storage at Broken Hill
500MWx4h battery mooted for Mount Piper
700MWx2h for Lake Munmorah

Sep 2022
Sydney’s First Fleet ferries may go electric
60MW solar, 150MWh battery to power Moorebank industries
Licence granted for Pilliga coal exploration without consultation
Kean lays out details for massive renewable energy and storage tenders
$45m funding for 1.75GWx11h pumped hydro
Tomago battery gigafactory to grow to 5GWh/year

Aug 2022
Sydney’s emissions targets mean all new cars must be electric by 2027 – Committee for Sydney
ARENA-backed trial of EV chargers on power poles in 9 LGAs
Audit office blasts NSW’s Biodiversity Offsets Scheme
Old Diesel trucks’ exhaust killing 100s a year – Grattan
States and Feds raise efficiency of new homes, EV spots and PV-ready roofs for apartments
Rapid switch to EVs could save Aussies $20bn by 2030
Dendrobium coal mine expansion abandoned
Community funded 5MW solar + 5MWx2h battery W of Byron Bay
Trial of 100% renewables minigrid – solar PV + H storage – at remote community
Sub-$50,000 BYD EVs arrive in Aus
1GW wind + battery proposed near Buronga for SW REZ
and 200MWx8h battery for Dubbo REZexisting big batteries in Oz are max 2h – Ed
ACT to triple EV charging network by YE 2023
Hertz finds EVs have half the maintenance cost
An EV driver’s charging experiences
500MWx2h battery approved at old coal plant site near Lithgow
ACT to quit gas by 2045
Average size of new rooftop solar systems rises to over 8kW
Tenders for firming capacity sought to aid electrification

July 2022
Avoid wasting $1000s on your EV charger instal
Regional airline to offer electric flights
Qld-NSW interconnector upgrade allows better use of renewables
Enova avoids liquidation through deal with fellow start-up retailer
Stamp duty rebate extended to e-scooters
Huge demand for $0-up-front solar+storage plan

June 2022
How to gain from the NSW Energy Savings and Peak Demand Reduction Schemes
NSW gas shortage caused by rising exports through Qld
Plan to add 100 free EV charging stations per year in W Sydney
$7.4m grant for battery and solar recycling plant
Newcastle start-up to produce 1MWh/day of phase-change thermal storage blocks
Feds’ $45m for UNSW team targeting solar at 30c/W
Two community solar farms seek nationwide investors
Green power retailer, Enova, busted by soaring wholesale price
Ex-fossil fuel execs plan GWs of offshore wind
Kean declares NSW on track to get 2030 emissions 50% below 2005
$38m for access to EV charging
but coal royalty left at 7-8% as Qld goes to 40% top rate
New Federal resources minister still supports Narrabri gas development
AEMO suspends power market as coal outages and high gas price threaten supply
Kean given authority to commandeer coal supplies
and IPART nearly doubles solar feed-in tariff price guide
ANU team picks eight South Coast communities as right for microgrids
Cheaper EVs coming to market, will help subsidy eligibility
150MWx2h ‘grid forming’ battery for Riverina
$1.2bn for new transmission and storage to support REZs
Reverse cycle aircon underused for heating
Gov’t extends free rooftop solar scheme to 1m low-income households
… seeks offshore wind to decarbonise Illawarra steelmaking
Renewables lower power price in ACT as everywhere else it goes up

May 2022
Work starts on $2.3bn link to bring SA’s renewable power to NSW
but is more storage the better way?
Origin’s online tool to let you see how well solar PV would work on your home
Planning approved for 700MWx4h battery to help replace Eraring coal power
as AEMO looks to batteries, smart inverters, syncons for 80% renewables by 2030
and failure cuts Vales Pt coal output by 50% for a month
Kurri Kurri gas plant shock: cost doubles, max 10h run, cannot switch to H
Economic uncertainty cuts rooftop solar installs by a third
Grants up to $40,000 for EV chargers at tourist sites
Power prices go skywards driven by coal and gas
Death spiral for gas in ACT as network costs shared by fewer customers

Apr 2022
550MW solar+400MWx4h battery planned for Merriwa in Hunter coal country
Climate Council’s interactive risk map for Australia
AEMO blames electricity price jump on coal’s cost and unreliability
Renewables not enough – world energy use must halve – UNSW study
Origin acquires 1GW solar on way to quitting coal
Newcastle Uni team develops roll-up solar cells for 15,000km drive
Tesla expands virtual power plant scheme into NSW, ACT, Qld
Locals oppose BP plan for 400MW PV + battery near Goulburn
AGL deal lets it bank power in ACT battery virtually, flattening ‘duck curve’
Some NSW networks plan to start charging for solar export in 2025
while Vic DNSPs opt for time-of-use tariffs
Q4 2022 energy storage tender lifted to 2500GWh/y as Eraring to close in 2025
while AEMO sees little risk of shortfall
Feds tip $75m into upgrading NSW-Vic power links
18yo from Albury is Greens’ candidate opposing Sussan Ley
Swap-n-go batteries for converted HGVs: 400km range in 4 minute swap
Liddell shutdown starts, to complete in one year
IPC approves expansion of gassy Narrabri coalmine with 152 conditions
EVs beat ICE (petrol/Diesel) over 15 years, faster with home solar-battery- Accenture
300MW pumped hydro project to create hundreds of jobs in New England coal region

Mar 2022
6GW in proposals received for green hydrogen hubs
Storms, rising seas threaten $25bn of coastal housing over 30 years
Rob Stokes’ energy efficient housing rules threatened as developers push back
Floods worsen EV charging station reliability
Hay, Balranald feature in draft of SW Renewable Energy Zone
UoW spinoff to store energy as raised weights in old mine shafts
‘Islandable’ microgrid planned for Bawley Pt and Kioloa
CEFC backs farmers’ 300MW+2h battery ‘agri-solar’ plant near Bungendore
AGL trials EV home smart chargers, balancing load
Buyers’ Guide to e-motorcycles
Green shore-to-ship power for White Bay cruise terminal
EV sweeteners, state by state
Sydney EV uptake spreads across socioeconomic spectrum
EV market outlook, and what to look out for
Logging 13,500ha of native forest cost taxpayers $441/ha
Hunter coal mine extension IPC rejected in 2019 gets go-ahead
$54m grant enables wind turbine parts to be made at Port Kembla
Oceanex plans $10bn floating wind farm off Newcastle
Safety tips during floods for EVs…
and PV
NSW-Qld interconnect to allow more renewables from May


Mar 2023
$368bn in subs to protect fuel imports, much less to go fully electric
Japan puts $2.3bn into H2 from Latrobe Valley brown coal
800MW solar+250MWx1h battery proposed for Toowoomba
Government to fund trials of seaweed additive to cut livestock methane
Regional Qld feed-in tariff to jump 40% to 12.9c/kWh
Qld to roll out 5MWx2h batteries across grid
SA trials making legacy rooftop PV responsive to grid
Ipswich 250MWx2h battery replacing coal plant; solar, green H to follow
Greens win exclusion of coal and gas from $15bn fund, no Safeguard deal yet
Liddell coal closure to lift power drawn from Qld, throttling intervening wind and solar
Aus Post trials Volvo electric truck with 300km range
New coal and gas fields threaten success of Safeguard Mechanism fixes
Qld looks to ban solar panels from landfill
Grid’s aging coal plant now down to 76% availability
BEVs (fully electric cars) reach 6.8% of new sales
it’s 5.1% in US, 22% in China, 28% in Europe, 13% globallyEd
Gas lobby wildly overestimates cost of switching to electricity – Rewiring Australia
Sheep mow the lawn under Vic solar farm
Twiggy fears flight of Green Hydrogen skill and capital to US
but do the solar, wind and battery markets make more sense for Aus?
Rooftop solar power will soon exceed that from coal
Increased emissions from Diesel and agriculture outweigh gains from solar and wind
Big battery installer looks to double durations to gain from arbitrage

Feb 2023
Coal woes cost EnergyAustralia $1bn
Zinc flow batteries shine as attention turns to longer storage duration
Vic feed-in tariff cut to 4.9c as daytime power gets cheap, after-dark more costly
Coal industry’s methane emissions greatly underreported
The futures for electricity customers – Monash Uni study
State Ministers reject another “solar-stopping” grid congestion solution from ESB
Health harm from exhaust has been grossly underestimated – Melbourne Uni study
SA finds lots of renewables means high reliability
320GW more renewables needed by 2050 to decarb industry – ARENA reportFive year plan for a National Supergrid – Beyond Zero Emissions report
Wind and solar made Vic wholesale electricity price average negative for week
WA small businesses, NGOs, councils, get half-price chargers
Growth in SUVs and EV supply shortage threaten emissions ambition
Bowen rejects Greens’ demand to end mining coal and gas
while Climate Council calls for coal and gas pause pending EPBC act update
Twiggy backs Greens
claims breakthrough in green iron production
commissions 42MWx20min batteries in Pilbara, starts on 100MW solar farm
How sheep thrive in a solar farm
Coal and gas lobby opposes forcing emissions cuts in National Electricity Objective
50% YoY jump in renewables investments attributed to policy stability
Clawing back the $8bn fuel tax creditGrattan Institute
35 neighbourhood batteries to absorb Ipswich’s excess rooftop PV
as waiver lets electricity distributors operate batteries too
SA plans huge green H2 plant as firming power, a use considered least financial

Jan 2023
Offshore wind needs Federal-level ‘Marine Spatial Planning’
‘World first’ solar methanol plant for Port Augusta solar thermal project
and two GW-scale Green H projects for Townsville
Administrator puts ‘still viable’ SunCable up for sale
Syncons (flywheels) let SA hit 91.5% renewables while islanded
Smart inverters will let SA grid manage rooftop solar flexibly
3GW/year rate of added renewables needs to double in eight years – AEMO
Huge SunCable project enters administration over shareholder conflict
Forrest backs green ammonia export, Cannon-Brooks favours subsea cable
but Forrest has to rely on own electrolyser tech as US partner pulls out
Feds put up $1.9bn to help industries cut emissions
and accept reforms to Carbon Credit scheme (but no actual fraud?) …
but use of credits and price cap will weaken rejigged Safeguard Mechanism
Utility-scale solar output up 15% year on year
ARENA backs UoW research on taming grid ‘distortion’ from renewables
Wind+solar met 85% of demand in SA for December

Dec 2022
SA renewables average 100% of demand for 10 days
National Electricity Objective to include emissions reduction
$1.7bn green H, methanol plant for Tas in 2026
ARENA to drive investment in 2GWx2.1h of grid-forming batteries, $2.7bn worth
Vic rooftop solar hit 55% of demand
AER lambasts coal and gas generators’ market rort in crisis
ANU team’s map of best solar and wind sites nationally
Native forest wood waste to count as renewable fuel no longer
SA plans 250MW green H production/use for Whyalla by Dec ’25
Sole Aus solar panel maker doubles sales over two months
as bank sees surge in demand for business loans for EVs and solar
Bowen reaffirms 82% renewables target despite coal and gas price caps
and Greens won us all assistance in quitting gas
Exports to be hit as EU moves forward with carbon levy
WA hit 84% renewables, on a weekday!
Feds and States agree on zero-fossils capacity scheme (no Coalkeeper!)
Federal EPA to be a tough cop, but no climate trigger planned
WA’s solar and wind beating coal and gas on capacity factor!
ESB sees EV charging raising peak demand 15%, yet could help grid
EVs reach 4.7% new car sales
National fund has $3bn for PV panel, battery, electrolyser factories
AEMO maps route to running 100% on renewables for days at a time
Bowen expects to beat 43% renewables target by 2030

Nov 2022
2000 Tesla battery households in SA earnt $55 each in storm
Big solar continues to grow at 3% of demand per year
Huge precedent: Human Rights trumps Palmer’s Galilee coal plan
Vic Labor’s election success seen as endorsing faster end to coal power
S Qld wind farm to grow to 2GW, biggest in Aus
so Qld plans local manufacture
Big batteries and rooftop PV suppression got SA grid through isolation after storm
Solar thermal tech needs proper reward for long duration storage
CEFC gets $500m to aid commercialisation
as ARENA maps path to green alumina
4.5GW mixed long duration storage planned in Vic “super-hybrid” hub
800MW SA gas power station to close in 2026, 9 years early
Origin seeks subsidy to keep coal plant going until renewables online
Twiggy warns green H dreams need Gov’t support as in US
Feds invite feedback on draft fuel quality rules that help EVs
Whistleblower alleges Aussie coal dirtier than certified
BP plans 600 EV charging stations
Denham, WA, first to replace Diesel with a Green H microgrid
AGL shareholders elect all four of Cannon-Brookes’ board nominations
SA switches off rooftop solar during isolation from main grid
time to retrofit old “dumb” inverters with Distributed Energy smarts
Fortescue to build 10GW Qld superhub – wind, solar, green H production
PV met 59% of demand one sunny Sunday
1500 potential pumped hydro sites with one existing reservoir
Qld’s remote shutdown of excessive rooftop PV blasted as outdated, costly
while Vic Labor promises 100 neighbourhood batteries instead
and Energy Security Board’s approach turns more renewables-friendly
All new Volvos here to be electric by 2026
WA pilot makes virtual power plant from 300 homes’ solar, batteries, EVs
Units at Qld’s Callide B coal plant offline for months – again
Renewables need all electricity meters to be smart by 2030 – AEMC
Wind+battery to provide firm 70MW at Olympic Dam
42 year weather record shows 100% renewables not that hard
100-company coalition pushes Gov’t for faster shift to EVs
WA seeks to develop wind turbine construction industry
Wind+solar met 64% demand on main grid – on a weekday

Oct 2022
CEFC gets another $8.6bn to connect up renewables 
Big batteries earning more from time shifting
Supply chain issues will slow renewables rollout
Aussie solar thermal developer plans gigafactory 
Vic lifts green energy target to 95% by 2035, mostly offshore wind
chart of how this accelerates coal exit in NEM
Aus could cut emissions 81% by 2030 with existing tech – BZE report
$2.25bn in low cost finance for Vic offshore wind, Tas link
but former Greens leader Milne sees it as bad for Tassie
Tassie ferry maker looks to go electric, fast
CSIRO’s $90m research plan to halve ‘hard to abate’ emissions by 2035
Draft bill improving ‘safeguard’ mechanism released
Cracked turbine tower collapsed in WA
Albanese starts discussion on energy efficiency catch-up
Skills shortage threatens Aus’ Green H dreams
but Fortescue proceeds with 500MW electrolyser for Green NH3
1GW wind for Portland Aluminium smelter gets $1.5m from ARENA
eUte coming to Aus in November

Sep 2022
AGL to quit coal by 2035
Vic aims for 2.6GW energy storage by 2035
as Qld commits to 80% renewables by 2035
… helping Bowen’s 82% green challenge: add 9MW wind and 110MW solar per day till 2030
Tiwi islanders overturn approval of Santos’ Barossa gas project
Tas providing zero interest loans for home solar, batteries, energy saving
Coalition’s emissions “safeguard mechanism” was total failure – report
3GW renewables in N Qld to export green ammonia to Korea
Vic on track for 50% emissions cut by 2030
AGL appoints renewables advocate to board
New owners won’t hurry to close Vales Pt coal plant
Origin to quit gas exploration
Perth business accused of $1.5m solar rebate fraud
Climate Change Authority to regain credibility 
1GWx4h battery (!!) proposed for WA coal town
WA Lithium mine to be powered by 30MW wind, 16MW solar, 17MWx1h battery
Vic brown coal generator outage extended to six months
AER fails math in partly blaming renewables for grid crisis
St Baker tips millions into Australian electric aircraft technology
DC-coupled 100MW solar+50MWx4h battery for arbitrage in WA
Fossil fuel prices force electricity price cap to be raised

Aug 2022
AEMO sees enough renewables in pipeline, but wants more “committed” urgently
Green H to produce pure Argon for Whyalla steelworks
412MW wind farm to take SA to over 80% wind+solar
AEMO budget grows 25% to address transition complexities
Net zero by 2050 a massive task – report
Despite 43% target, Labor Gov’t opens up exploration for offshore oil & gas, CCS sites
AGL spruiks benefits of switching to electric
Multi-GWh gravity storage to support greening of zinc refinery
“Safeguard mechanism” to grow teeth, forcing high emitters to cut 6% a year
Bowen moots fuel efficiency standard to help EVs take off
but some journos help incumbents apply the brakes
Vic wind briefly met 69% of demand
French developer proposes 2GW solar, 1GW Green H production, near Darwin
as 468MW system S of Perth expected to achieve $2.83/kg Green H
CEFC’s $160m to help Qld 1GW wind precinct connect to grid
$200m for businesses taking up solar, efficiency, EVs
High rainfall cuts Snowy hydro output – who knew?
Plans for Australian electric ute as battery on wheels
Feds start process of declaring wind farm zone offshore of Gippsland
Vested interests’ scare campaign sustains dirty, inefficient cars
Vic’s new dynamic network capacity control to allow more renewables
Esperance getting off the gas
Sudden price drop after gas trigger threat suggests rorting
Climate Bill to pass both houses, but Greens to push for ban on new coal, gas
Solar + wind hit 52% of main grid demand
Synchronous condensers (flywheels) let renewables drive most of SA grid

July 2022
Echoes of Robodebt fiasco haunt Vic’s road usage charge for EVs
… as Feds join suit to stop States collecting EV road use tax
AEMO calls for faster switch to renewables to cut power prices
Wind farm complaints fell 70% in 2021
Vic retailers trial free electricity 10am to 3pm
Bowen restores ARENA’s mandate to be just renewables
ARENA expects to fund 1GWx2h grid-forming batteries
Forrest starts construction of $3bn Qld renewable energy precinct
Vic ranks society and environment in plan for renewables & transmission
Solar panel trailer extends EV range
More power from wind than from brown coal in June
Libs’ carbon offset scheme flaws irrefutable – ANU; Coalition appointees resign
Raging fossil fuel prices resume energy crisis in Qld
with flawed market driving small retailers to the wall
Bake emissions cuts into a capacity mechanism – Energy Security Board
Bowen agrees the principle
or could domestic batteries be the better option?
Aus second only to US in climate change lawsuits
Bowen no longer ruling out hike in vehicle emissions standards
AEMO’s 2022 Integrated System Plan:
expects renewables and storage to dominate grid by 2032
… (not counting offshore wind prospects) …
boosted by present international energy market chaos
with up to a fifth of demand met by rooftop solar
but leading to up to 20% of peak renewable output discarded as too costly to store
and still needs 10GW of back-up gas – or gets hugely expensive
“step change” now most likely, but even faster “hydrogen superpower” possible:

June 2021
SA’s original Tesla “big battery” cops $900k fine for wrong control setting
Infrastructure Australia endorses $30bn plan to export power to Singapore
Energy Regulator reminds generators of duty of availability disclosure
Qld big battery roll-out starts with 200MWx2h near Brisbane
Commissioning suspended at SA wind+solar farm destabilising SA grid
Change in Government spurs further plans for offshore wind
Tax exemptions on EVs from July 1
Legal challenge to Scarborough gas field approval cites Reef impact
Bowen assures States any grid capacity mechanism won’t prop up coal
yet Energy Security Board rehashes proposal roundly rejected last year
which omits any penalty for defaulting
Clean Energy Council urges storage target instead
but either may resurrect hopes of solar thermal
Twelve years on, another go at solar thermal for Port Augusta
SA’s wind output tops 2GW, Vic’s 3GW
WA plans $3.8bn in wind and storage to replace last two state-owned coal plant
but a WA wind farm shuts down after tower collapse
Bowen pledges support for clean energy industry
BP takes $12bn stake in Pilbara green H project
2,500MW wind project for 22km off Gippsland coast
Rio Tinto seeks 4GW solar+wind for Qld aluminium refineries
AEMO lists priorities to support 100% renewables episodes in 3 years
Nationals keep plugging nuclear despite unsolved issues
Methane from nation’s coalmines massively underreported
SA drops home battery and solar switch schemes

May 2022
Esperance running 50% on wind, solar, battery
New Nats leader endorses net zero by 2050
AGL forced to drop demerger, look to early coal closures
Australian Industry Group pleads for more renewables to cut power price
Aus’ per capita emissions from coal power are four times global average
Tech that recovers 99% of old PV panels comes to Aus
Greens will push for phase-out of coal power by 2030
Vic’s brown coal to H a major emitter despite CCS
High prices cause ‘gas-led recovery’ to degenerate into Diesel-led
WA sweetens 2027 road use charge with $3,500 rebate on EVs
Build starts on SW Qld 1GW wind farm, largest yet in Aus
Qld “super hybrid”: 1.8GW wind+600MWx18h pumped hydro=220MW power+65t/day green H
Greens propose $235m “electrify everything” pilots in suburb and region
Fortescue’s green H ambition needs 450GW (9 Aus grids!) wind+solar by 2030
Australia Institute calls for overhaul of probity-challenged ERF
ScoMo tosses another $30m into CCS funding black hole
Bigger turbines, larger projects, give flying start to 2022 wind power growth
1.5GW solar+3.7GW wind to make 2Mtpa green NH3 proposed in WA
Labor promises fast chargers each 150km on highways
as poor maintenance of non-Tesla network frustrates longer trips

Apr 2022
Coalition promises $50m towards Green Zinc plant in Hobart
SA synchronous condensers recover a fifth of $180m investment in first quarter
Wind+solar hit new record of 8.375GW on main grid
Port Augusta 20MW+12h storage solar thermal scheme revived by $110m Federal grant
Ampol enters EV charging market
States with highest share of renewables now have lowest power price increases
Batteries to replace gas gen in a decade, but unclear Fed policy a barrier – S&P
Feds’ hydrogen hub scheme just a cover for funding CCS
Aussies and Europeans resist greener transport and lifestyles – IPSOS
The 14,000 energy transition jobs Barnaby overlooked – for Eraring alone
Brisbane testing all-electric trackless tram
Aus PV panel maker rolls out 405W domestic model, 545W commercial/utility model
Aus on track to miss even its meagre Paris emissions cut target
Loy Yang A coal generator offline for months again
Climate greatest security threat – Adm. Chris Barrie
Three ‘teal’ candidates to push for transport electrification
China’s demand for Aussie coal could halve by 2025 – ANU study
Vic Libs would drop EV road tax
Vic’s wind and solar touch 83.8% demand
as SA’s hit 136.6%
Greens propose $500m Green Steel Innovation Fund
suing coal and gas companies for climate damage
$ms in grants and loans to shift space heating, water heating and cooking off gas
a levy on coal exports, to phase them out by 2030
Murdoch media run with IPA’s ludicrous analysis of net zero
Despite higher offered price, Emissions Reduction Fund still uninviting
Economics prof admits error, now finds rooftop PV is “welfare enhancing”
Most economists rate climate and environment top priorities
as Gov’t-commissioned report finds lack of net-zero strategy a sovereign debt risk
SEA, Melbourne, shows off its electric truck range
WA’s $11m for pumped hydro, geothermal, bio-Diesel
PM continues to mislead in country emissions reduction comparisons – ABC Fact check
Tassie solar farm to produce Green H2 replacing Diesel
Despite coal power’s decline, noxious emissions increase
IPCC singles out Aus for undue influence of fossil fuel lobby
Pure battery EVs reach 2.5% sales, 50% up on 2021
76MW wind farm turns WA refinery into a zero carbon nickel source for EVs
Greens’ $6.1bn EV investment plan
AEMC publishes draft rules allowing for green hydrogen as fuel

Mar 2022
Climate Council’s report card on 8 years of Lib-Nat Government: massive fail
Budget goes backwards on climate
as BloombergNEF rates Aus a climate failure
Gas shortage being solved by switch to renewables – AEMO
Forrest nets $50bn green H export deal
Fossil fuel subsidies rise 12% to $11.6bn this year – The Australia Institute
Approving all planned Qld coalmines would double state’s emissions – Lock the Gate
Jobs at Adani’s Carmichael mine now down to 300
UN monitors likely to witness Barrier Reef mass bleaching
Demand outstrips EV imports
Port Augusta trial for battery-swap scheme for large trucks
UN Sec Gen singles out Aus as climate laggard, blasts coal and gas support
Offshore wind and state-backed energy hubs will accelerate coal’s exit – AGL
Vic Supreme Court finds wind farm operator ignored legitimate noise complaints
CSIRO, AEMO see tech advances driving rapid shift to 100% renewables
Dutton gags defence personnel on climate
After precautionary shutdown during flood, 15MW Qld solar farm unscathed
AEMC drags heels on Distributed Energy regs
Australian exports could cut a tenth off Asia Pacific GHG emissions
Business case strengthens for shipping green ammonia to Europe
Qantas to use Californian jet fuel from biomass/waste
SA plans more big batteries to assist in green power exports to NSW, Vic
Baseload is dead – Origin CEO’s vision of the new grid order
Qld offers $3,000 subsidy on EVs under $58,000
SA could be world’s first GW-scale grid to do without synchronous generation – AEMO
Full federal Court overturns finding that Minister has duty of care to young
CEFC’s $8.5m backs 500MW solar + 1 hour battery and green H plan in Gippsland
AEMO doubles down on its rapid coal exit prediction
37 former emergency services chiefs blame Feds’ failure to plan for climate impacts
Green hydrogen could compete on cost in a few years – Origin CEO
8MW solar+20MWh battery+1MW green hydrogen for Daintree
3GW offshore wind proposal south of Perthgenerating 4% of National demand – Ed
Vic sets ambitious offshore wind targets, culminating in 9GW by 2040
looks to green Hydrogen opportunity
Vic Libs adopt net zero by 2050
Greens’ $25bn plan for 700% renewables
Wind and solar provided 63.4% demand in SA in 2021
International body classes Feds’ “Making Positive Energy” ads as ‘Public Disservice’
Zali Steggall releases five-step plan for zero emissions by 2050
Pitt directed offshore environment watchdog to ignore scope 3 emissions, illegally
EV as battery-on-wheels aids in flood clean-up
923MW wind farm powering half of Qld zinc refinery gets go ahead
Former coal power lobbyist Macfarlane concedes it has only ten years


Mar 2023
German economy and emissions targets to ride out loss of Russian gas
Attack of the vapours: airlines dispute claims the contrails are worse than the CO2
UK wind met 35% winter demand, cutting gas imports by 2/3
as coal use falls to lowest since 1757
Tesla hints at halving cost of EV production
finds renewables could power world using 0.2% Earth’s surface

Feb 2023
California study finds EV uptake cuts asthma
China has nearly enough wind and solar to power every home
Wind turbine manufacturers hit by in-warranty faults
Plug-in hybrids pollute up to 7x what’s claimed – study
Thanks to Putin, renewable power topped gas in EU in 2022
Two 10MWx100h iron-air batteries for old US coal plant sites

Jan 2023
Supply issues make VW revert to old tech heaters, costing range
UK trial of V2X (vehicle-to-everything) for any EV using CS charging
as study finds it could handle all short-term power storage by 2030
100% renewables would be £120bn cheaper for UK than current plan – Uni report
Exxon hid its 1970s scientists’ prediction of today’s temperature rise

Dec 2022
Newly convinced of EV future, Toyota looks to V2G
EU requires battery makers to report lifecycle carbon footprint, recycle most materials
Skyrocketing gas prices to drive boom in heat pumps in Europe

Nov 2022
Fossil fuel emissions predicted to peak before 2030far too late of course – Ed
800 bay EV charging hub for Edinburgh
France mandates solar panels on parking lots of 80+ spaces
Germany lifts offshore wind target to 70GW
French nuclear outages push wholesale power price over $1.50/kWh
With current emissions we’ll breach 1.5C in nine years – Global Carbon Budget
World on track for 2.4C-2.8C warming
Saudi Arabia to produce luxury EVs
Renewables meeting 23% of US demand so far in 2022
Satellites measure power plant CO2 output in real time

Oct 2022
Irreversible tipping points very close – UN reports
Toyota mulls switch from hybrids/fuel cells to full EV
1,5°C limit means no new oil or gas fields – IISD
Germany delays nuclear shutdowns to April 2023
20MW turbines planned for 600MW floating wind farm off Portugal
Renewables investment to top fossil fuels’ as the latter’s prices soar
cutting the former’s payback to under a year in EU
Pipeline of floating wind farm projects doubles in a year to 185GW
UK Tories’ renewables cuts have cost £5bn in gas imports – report
Five tipping points that might already be locked in
Aggressive climate policies to push EU windpower to 2000GW in ten years 

Sep 2022
Unlike carmakers, legacy truck makers lead switch to electric
1MW pilot of floating green H2 production off St Nazaire, France
Danish initiative pushes world for 380GW offshore wind by 2030
Switch to renewables and storage by 2050 to save world $18tn – study
Building a zero emissions grid in US in just 13 years would save $US1.2 trillion
Global fossil fuel subsidies double to $1tn in 2021
Collapse of G20 talks sparks fear of ‘backtracking’ on climate pledges

Aug 2022
Mercedes foreshadows EV with 1000km range, twice typical km/kWh
Offshore turbine maker demands its suppliers to be 100% renewable
Car gets 70km/day from its own solar panel
Hydrogen leaks may increase GHGs
French power prices soar as heatwave shuts down nuclear fleet
Manchin flip allows Biden’s clean energy bill to pass Senate
with Green H2’s tax credit set to make it cheaper than fossil fuel H2
Lacking Russian gas, Germany restarts coal plant

July 2022
Hawaii quits coal power
UK shoots for 5GW each of Green and Blue (CCS) Hydrogen by 2030
Biden’s dilemma over declaring climate a national emergency
Nearly half German power this year has been renewable
and 32GW more a year to be added to hit 2030 target
Agrisolar: PV panels protecting delicate crops

June 2022
EU to ban new fossil fuel car sales from 2035
Singapore edicts minimum EV charging features for car parks in new buildings
Colorado to end coal power by 2031
EU extends carbon market to departing flights, shipping and road transport

May 2022
EU committee votes to raise CO2 emissions standard on cars and vans
plans to double solar capacity by 2025, add 600GW by 2030
Blending green H into domestic gas costly and impractical – IRENA
US wind+solar output beat both coal and nuclear in April
China plans to double wind+solar in 5 years, relegating coal to support role
Briefly, California grid ran on 100% renewablesTexas averages 34%

Apr 2022
NY calls for tenders to replace gas peakers with 4h battery
EU to answer Russian threats by lifting 2030 renewables target to 45%
11MW turbines to form world first no-subsidy offshore wind farm in Dutch North Sea
Lithium shortage holding back green transition – Musk
Germany shoots for 100% renewables by 2035Wow – Ed
reached 50% in 1Q22
French power prices soar as nuclear plant falters
Swedish big battery maker uses second-hand EV batteries
IPCC WG3 report:
Drawdown only way to stick at 1.5oC
Peak emissions by 2025, 43% cut by 2030
End coal power fast; preserve forests, peatlands; cut consumption; 6x investment rate
EuroAsia to carry 2GW solar power from Israel to EU grid
Wind+solar produce 10% of world’s electricity

Mar 2022
Greening Germany to quit needing Russian gas in 2024
China lifts Green Hydrogen ambition, cutting reliance on Russia
but may shore up coal supply to EU
40C above average brings East Antarctic ice shelf collapse
Oil exporters worry high price will drive switch to EVs
Floating offshore wind key to ending fossil fuels – Global Wind Energy Council
20 US states have 100% renewables target
Fears of peatlands tipping point rise
EU looks to heat pumps to cut need for Russian gas
Rising coal use in China wipes out rest of world’s gains
UK, Belgium agree on another North Sea renewable energy island

Feb 2022
Satellite maps major methane leaks from oil and gas extraction
New G7 president proposes trade levies on climate laggards
Extreme heat in oceans passed tipping point in 2014 – study

Jan 2022
Household gas stoves lose 1.3% as fugitive emissions – US study
Marine heatwaves slashing Mediterranean’s coral biomass
2km deep canyon under Antarctic glacier will speed melt
Exxon claims its climate lies were “free speech”
2021 was equal 6th warmest year on record, despite double La Nina
UK gov’t EV support quells range anxiety
Scotland awards leases for 25GW offshore wind, fixed/floating
EV sales grew 150% in a year in China
Battery EV sales overtake Diesels in Europe
BP’s EV charging ops nearly as profitable as its oil sales
China’s coal production at record level
Thawing Arctic permafrost holds triple the carbon of fossil fuels used so far
Storms to worsen as oceans at hottest recorded
Montpellier scraps H-bus plan; E-buses will have a sixth the operating cost
Hotter climate in pregnancy linked to obesity, wildfire smoke to birth defects
German plan to add 10GW onshore wind power per year
Berlin considers (almost) car-free precinct bigger than Manhattan
Wind farm off Rotterdam to supply 200MW electrolysis plant for Green H2
EU firms ask for toll reductions for electric trucks
UK may force domestic flights to be zero emissions by 2040
French car ads must feature injunction to walk/cycle/bus instead
Worrying unprecedented increase in high Arctic lightning
Half planned US gas plant cancelled, undercut by renewables portfolios


Mar 2023
GE developing 17MW offshore wind turbine
Chinese battery maker secures world first certification of Na-ion
Quadruple energy density of Li-ion, plus durability, claimed for solid state Li-air

Feb 2023
Stronger grain boundaries extend Perovskite life
Heat storage in silicon bricks hits 1414oC milestone
Tomago, NSW, trial for heat stored as molten aluminium in graphite matrix
Power line recycling separates aluminium and steel on the fly
PV modules near 24% efficiency, 90% power after 30 years
Wind-assisted cargo ships reborn – again
Adelaide Uni Green H2 team split seawater with cheap catalyst
Epoxy recycling breakthrough gives dumped turbine blades value
ANU’s perovskite+silicon tandem cell beats 30% efficiency target

Jan 2023
NASA funding helps Boeing’s super-efficient long skinny plane wings
Solvent captures industrial CO2 at 70% the cost
UK EV charging that’s free via shopping rewards
Paired towers for floating wind farms
Deakin team recycles silicon from solar cells into high value battery material
ARENA puts $29m into UNSW research targeting 30c/W PV by 2030
UoW spinoff builds pilot plant using capillary action to make cheap Green H
The costs and benefits of ever bigger wind turbines

Dec 2022
Chinese EV battery maker announces 1,000km range
RMIT team uses ultrasound to speed green H production 14x
Lawrence Livermore Lab passes key fusion milestone
MIT develops paper thin solar cell
Syd Uni team’s Na-S battery beats Li-ion on capacity, price and toxicity
while Japanese/Aus team improves durability of solid state
As Lithium prices soar, BYD switches to Na-ion batteries

Nov 2022
New offshore turbine: 15MW, 115.5m blades, 60% capacity factor
bested by smaller Chinese 16MW
Flat-to-ground solar farm uses less land, cheaper to install

Oct 2022
14MW, 222m rotor diameter offshore wind turbine sets output record
Saul “electrify everything” Griffith supports Green NH3, not H2
‘Blowhole’ wave power could help firm wind and solar – CSIRO
Ni/Fe catalyst gives low cost boost to Zn-air battery
Tandem Si/Perovskite cells reach 30% efficiency 

Sep 2022
German steelmaker to use low grade ore in zero carbon smelter
1MW trial of vertical axis floating wind farm off Norway
600kW (300km in 5 minutes) EV charging unveiled 
Solar car claims world beating aerodynamics 
UNSW team claim high efficiency EV rotor, using less rare earths
Al-S battery much cheaper and safer than Lithium

Aug 2022
22.53% efficient 700W panel claimed to cut PV energy cost by 10%
Deakin team develops polymer electrolyte for safer, cheaper batteries
Laser blast stops p-type silicon solar cells losing efficiency
Aussie company claims major advance in producing Green H

July 2022
Ball mill beats H2 into BN powder for safe transport, at a tenth the cost

June 2022
Larger, more efficient wind turbines to counter climate change calming
Electrolysis a smarter way to make steel than via green hydrogen
US DoE tech challenge reaps breakthrough efficiency in heat pumps
At last, a Perovskite cell with commercial durability
GM backs ‘floating wall’ of wind turbines
Car-roof solar adds 70km of range/day in Netherlands
Sydney tech company’s ‘shark skin’ coating cuts fuel needs of planes, ships by 10%
Swedish company commits to recycling all its turbine blades by 2030
Monash team’s solar glasses reap more energy and more visible transparency

May 2022
Si-C powder anode gives 1.5x energy density of graphite in Li-ion battery
Swiss team close in on 30% efficiency with silicon/Perovskite tandem cell

Apr 2022
Korean researchers claim theoretical battery charge rate of 22kW per kg of battery!
Iron/carbon/nitrogen replace platinum catalyst in cheap fuel cell
CSIRO injects $50m into energy storage research
Twelve exciting innovations – BNEF
Solar thermal plant can act as synchronous condenser
German startup claims 4x range for cheap, ethical LiS battery
Noxious weed prickly acacia to be harvested for biochar in Qld
Carbon capture: membrane layers improve CO2 selectivity 150-fold

Mar 2022
UQ finds 2D atomic layer protects battery cathode for doubled life, greater density
Atomic structure defects found responsible for short life of Na-ion batteries
Tracking PV avoids disturbing bumpy terrain
UoNSW team claims 26% efficient PERC solar cell using cheaper copper, not silver
UoW team claim hydrolysis with renewables at $2/kg by 2026Game changer! – Ed
Solar panels cleaned electrostatically, not with water
70c/W claimed for flat-to-ground utility PV system
Fortescue to develop train with regenerative braking for iron ore mine
and teams with Airbus on green hydrogen for planes